Auto-Vox V5 Pro Review

The Auto-Vox V5 Pro is an anti-glare monitor that offers full, laminated tracking. Anti-glare screens can be great, but they can cause problems with readability. The Auto Vox V5 Pro takes care of this by making the screen matte and adding a layer of film to the display that helps it stay clear and easy to read.

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Auto-Vox V5 Pro Is a New Version of a Longtime Favorite Dash Cam

The Auto-Vox V5 Pro is the latest version of the popular Auto-Vox V5 dash cam. The original Auto-Vox V5 has been one of our favorite dash cams for many years, and we think that the V5 Pro improves upon this longtime favorite. While most dash cams are designed for front windshield installation, the rear view mirror style design of the Auto Vox V5 series makes it easier to install than other dash cams.

Auto-Vox V5 Pro

Most Auto-Vox V5 Pro have impressive video quality both during the day and at night. With a 1920×1080 maximum video resolution, 170º field of view, WDR (wide dynamic range), and HDR (high dynamic range), this camera can provide plenty of detail while also providing good visibility in low light situations.

Full HD Video

This dash cam allows you to record in full 1080p HD video. With its 140 wide viewing angle, you can capture the road ahead and all of those potential hazards. The small 2.5 inch LCD screen makes it easy for you to set up your camera.

The V5 Pro dash cam records in the H.264 video format, which is better for storing images on your memory card because it takes up less space than other formats, such as MPEG-4. This means that the dash cam will be able to store more footage on a single memory card before it needs to overwrite old footage.

It also has a built-in microphone and speaker so that you can easily hear important audio during playback or while recording while the G-sensor will detect any crashes or collisions and automatically save footage instead of overwriting it with new footage.

Wide Viewing Angle

The Auto Vox V5 Pro excels in this area as it has an extremely wide 140-degree viewing angle. This gives you a full-field view of the road, allowing you to see in front of you, behind you and to both sides. The wide angle is especially useful when trying to spot trouble from behind your vehicle or when keeping an eye on blind spots or those pesky cyclists who tend to appear out of nowhere. It also captures full HD video, which can prove particularly helpful in instances where there’s a collision (or even just near misses).

With the Auto-Vox V5 Pro, you’ll enjoy additional safety features like forward collision warning systems and lane departure warning systems. Other valuable safety features include automatic tracking of vehicles in front of you, great for long highway drives so that you can catch a momentary break from paying strict attention to the road ahead. And if that isn’t reason enough to give it a try, this rearview mirror also works well in low-light conditions and is easy to install with almost any vehicle.

Parking Mode

The Parking Mode feature is one of the best features that a dash cam can have. It allows the dash cam to continue recording even when your car is turned off, which means you can use it as a sort of security camera even when parked. Most parking mode dash cams will use motion detection in order to start recording if they detect motion while the car is parked, which means they are a good way to make sure your car is not broken into while parked.

Pros and Cons


  • Functions well for vehicles with 10-inch dashboards (and larger).
  • Comes with a high-definition screen.
  • Comes equipped with an anti-glare laminated screen.
  • It is possible to charge while in use or set it up to automatically record when it senses motion.
  • Can serve as a backup camera, front camera, or side camera (depending on your needs).


The product only comes with a single year’s service warranty.

Final Thoughts

Auto-Vox V5 Pro is an impressive monitor, providing a variety of features at an excellent price. It’s a reliable choice for everyday use. For the home or office, this monitor is hard to beat.

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