Rove R2 4k Dash Cam Review

This is one of the most best-selling and popular dash cams on the market. It comes with Ultra HD 4K recording capacity to give you vibrant and crisp clear picture quality. It works seamlessly in low light intensity making it perfect for both night and day. Its fantastic night vision sensor with OV4689 and NT96660 sensor assist you to get clearer images and footage all the time. If you live in places with crazy drivers and busy traffic, this Camera Recorder will provide you with everything that is happening around your truck or car. Moreover, the photos and videos have higher clarity.



Built-in GPS

This Dashcam also has a geo sensor and GPS that allows you to records your driving speed and location. You can view your tracker and driving route on Google map via Wi-Fi using Car DV Player or App.

Built-in WiFi and ROVE APP

It uses the ROVE’s application that allows you to easily connect to your Apple iOS or Android smartphone, enabling you to download dashcam photos or videos directly onto your tablet or phone via built-in WiFi. It also has a 2.35″ IPS display at the camera back that enables you to view videos if you do not want to use the App. In addition to that, the ROVE APP enables users to share the video with their family or friends on social media.

Image Quality

The importance of having a car dashboard camera is to provide you clear videos that can be used without any failure when required. Typically, this camera will record a video with true 4K (3840x2160P) resolution. This allows it to give video and photos with much clarity when compared to other dash cams on the market. Additionally, this camera features an F/1.8 largest aperture which captures more light. Its 150� A+ wide-angle lens enables it to capture a wide area immediately ahead of you. It also has the WDR function that allows this dash cam to process images while making sure you receive clear images in both bright and dark light. Other features in this cam include slow-mo video, time-lapse video, emergency video lock, loop cycle recording, and motion detection. You can turn on or off the distortion correction feature to minimize the fisheye effect at the peripheries.

24-hour Motion Detection

The function uses the internal battery. For instance, somebody hits your vehicle, the G-sensor will sense the impact and it will prompt the device to turn on. It will record the one-minute video and it will lock it.


  • This Rove R2 4k dash cam has Ultra HD 4K recording capability
  • The dashcam is packed with a wide-angle lens, a G-sensor, and a parking mode
  • The GPS is accurate- gives direction, speed, and coordinates
  • The dash cam comes at a very affordable price and offers very smooth performance
  • This dash camera is offered with a full one-year warranty.


  • It uses a suction cup to mount which can fall off and making it more visible for theft.